Serving the Portland metro area since 2001, Pearl Auto Service has been providing quality and reliable auto repair for all Asian model vehicles such as Honda, Toyota, Subaru, Lexus, Infiniti, Mazda, Hyundai, Acura, Kia, Scion and more. 

From steering to suspension systems, exhaust components to drive train/axle & wheel bearings, electrical components (windows/doors/locks/ignition) to lighting, our ASE certified technicians are trained to help keep your car in proper running condition. Most service and repairs can be completed the same day; set up an appointment that works with your schedule.



We repair head gaskets, fix oil leaks of all kinds and much, much more. Call us to discuss any engine work or mechanical repairs your vehicle needs.


You can leave your car’s brake service & repair to our certified ASE mechanics.  Some of our most common brake job services for Asian vehicles are described below.

Brake Pad Replacement

If you are experiencing or hearing squealing/grinding noises when braking, let Pearl Auto Service take care of your brake pad/shoe problems.

Brake Maintenance/Repairs

Brake hydraulics, mechanical components must be maintained for safe operation with periodic replacement of worn components;  cleaning of hydraulic fluids will prevent further malfunction and deterioration of the brake systems.

Brake hoses in your car transfer brake fluid from the master cylinder to your calipers.  If a brake hose is leaking, pressure is lost and the calipers will not function properly.   As part of your scheduled auto maintenance, it is also important to perform a brake fluid flush at roughly 30,000 mile intervals.  We will inspect your brake components & fluid condition, ensuring that your brake system is working safely and properly.

Caliper Replacement

Brake caliber problems may result in uneven braking and even cause your car to slide out of control; contact us as soon as possible for a thorough brake system inspection.

Brake Master Cylinder Replacement

Our certified mechanics will diagnose your master cylinder failures and replace it if deficient.  Indication of problems are soft brakes or changes in pedal mechanics which the driver initially is first to notice.

Anti-lock Brake Systems (ABS)

Your Anti-lock Brake Systems (ABS) prevents your car from skidding in various road conditions.  If your ABS light comes on, call us and we will be happy to inspect and address your ABS problems.



Are you hot & sweaty? Is your vehicle supposed to have air conditioning but it doesn't seem like it does? We have the proper equipment and the expertise to provide you with a thorough inspection of your A/C system, including the compressor, belts, & other components. We can recharge your system using the appropriate refrigerant according to your vehicle's manufacturer's specifications. We can also address problems with your vehicle's heating system.

A problem with your car's heating system may indicate a problem with your engine. 

Contact us today at (503)243-1400 and let our certified mechanics help you drive in comfort. 


Your automobile's clutch is an integral part of getting the power produced from the engine to the wheels. A properly functioning and adjusted clutch ensures a smooth ride.  Indications of a worn or damaged clutch is slippage, an abnormal feel in clutch pedal function, or the inability to shift the car into gears or between gears.  This latter problem is usually caused by failure of brake hydraulic components.  A slippage of the clutch usually requires replacement of the clutch.

If you feel your clutch is not operating properly, call us today and our certified auto mechanics will be happy to return your clutch to its top performing condition again.



We can diagnose electrical problems that prevent your vehicle from starting or running smoothly-- everything from charging or changing batteries to chasing down those mysterious electrical gremlins.